Strategies and tips of over/under bets

Over/Under betting This type of sports betting is frequently practiced by gamblers who love various sports. The Over/Under mode consists basically of betting on the total score (goals, points, games) of a match, for example football. As its name indicates, the user must select whether this score exceeds a certain number, which is usually 2.5 in football, although it is variable. In this way, you bet if the chosen event ends with more or less than 2.5 goals; the decimal makes it impossible for the score in question to match the Over/Under line.

When it comes to sports such as basketball, tennis or handball, among others, the Over/Under alternative has no fixed figures, as the final scores depend considerably on the teams involved. In basketball, you can opt for more or less than 200 points in total, while in tennis you have to match the amount of games: more or less than 39.5, for example.

Information and statistics, key factors

Far from being volleyball bets, in this modality it is essential to carry out a previous investigation, since there are a series of determining elements that must be taken into account in the analysis. With the event selected, the first thing is to study the statistics that revolve around the players: teams, in collective sports; players, in individuals, such as tennis. In that sense, one can begin by analyzing the footballing present of one and the other, the results of the last matches, goals for and against, injured and suspended.

Afterwards, it is worthwhile to inquire into the background of each other, something that logically does not decide anything but serves to get an idea of what usually happens when the teams or players chosen to make our bet. Of course, it is also very important the performance of these sets when they are presented, as the case may be, in a local and visitor capacity, as well as the absence of a figure can be conclusive.

When you always bet on the same league, it is substantial to have knowledge of the average of goals scored, of each team and in the overall. And it is not superfluous to make a study of the previous seasons, so that the statistical analysis is complete.

Pros and cons

The first advantage is related to the quotas, which are usually very attractive and thus attract an increasing number of gamblers. At the same time, in football matches, there are three possible outcomes to two. From this situation, with the due study of the event, taking into account the factors detailed above, you can find very profitable bets.

Continuing with football, in games that have a very clear pre-favorite, the Over/Under bet offers such an interesting and competitive share compared to a very low one as the “Final Result” or “1X2”. And a remarkable pro is that it is not necessary to guess the winner of the match, which is not a minor fact.

Among the contrasts, it is worth noting that they are usually risky bets, as is often the case when the odds are high. Without doubt, it is not a modality for beginners, depending on all the previous work that requires to carry it out in a conscious, methodical and intelligent way.

Strategies and advice

In football, an interesting strategy is to bet on Over 2.5 when the favorite team plays as home and Under 2.5 when it is presented as a visitor. Of course, this is not magic and it is not a tactic applicable to any league, so we will have to investigate very well to see which competition is suitable. In the long term balance, it almost always works.

The final advice, however repetitive it may sound, is not to underestimate the essence of Over/Under bets, which are much more complex than they appear at first glance. This means that the above information and statistics are basic and elementary to obtain benefits in this modality.

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