Live football betting

Live betting has brought a vital share of dynamics and excitement to sports betting. And in that sense, football takes all the flashes, since its enormous popularity worldwide makes it the most important sport in this modality. To begin with, it is worth knowing that live bets are those made at the same time that the chosen event is taking place. In the specific case of football, it is nothing more than betting while playing the game, with all the changes, movements and alterations that this implies.

Unlike the conventional bets betting on before the start of the event, live football betting offers a most exciting experience, which is sustained by the constant fluctuation of quotas, which continuously mutate according to what is happening in the match.

Types of football betting

One of the main attractions is the possibility of making short-term bets. For example, which team will score the next goal, how the first half ends, how many goals will be scored in that first half and so many other options. Among them is the already detailed Over/Under, which team will play the first foul, how many minutes will be added in the first or second half, which team will play the first throw-in, if any penalties will be awarded, the first team to win a corner, the last team to score, the second half and more.

The goods and the bads

Like everything else, live betting has advantages and disadvantages. Among the former, the possibility of betting in real time, as the event arises, and of doing what is called trading (or trader), which in a few words consists of making a bet and also playing some coins to the contrary in order to cover possible losses and even get a profit in that case, even if it is minimal and taking into account that it can be somewhat risky.

But be warned, however, because operators tend to suspend some markets without warning for a few seconds or minutes, especially when something important such as a goal or an expulsion is happening. This can undoubtedly be an attack on the above-mentioned trading, all the more so because quotas are renewed when the markets become visible again.

Another positive aspect of this modality is that it allows for detailed monitoring of the fluctuation in contributions. A good analysis of the event and the appropriate study of the event can be decisive questions when making the right decision. In that sense, it is also important to be able to bet with certain certain certainties that cannot be assured in the pre-event preview: for example, the line-ups of the main teams, as well as the tactics and strategies they are employing.

In this regard, the observation of live action is one of the great advantages of live betting. Good eye and intuition can also play a role in making a good bet, even taking advantage of occasional mistakes in bookmakers, which sometimes take longer than the account to update a quota.

At the same time, the number one disadvantage lies in the adrenaline and excitement that live betting generates, almost inevitably. Without the right experience and coolness, the entertaining and exciting side of incessant variations can become counterproductive. As a result, a prerequisite is essential for real time betting to bear fruit: watching the event live.

Strategies and advice

Continuing with the previous paragraph, it is important to begin this space by making reference to the great importance of knowing how, when and in which event to bet. The wide range of betting shops, which can be accessed practically 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, can lead to poor resolutions. Hence, the importance of betting only on well-known leagues and matches played by known teams.

As mentioned above, watching the event live is essential to make no mistake. As well as being informed about all the details surrounding the game in which the bet will be made: formations, suspended, injured, statistics. As far as transmission is concerned, it is crucial to note the delay in transmission. For example, HD can be up to 7 or 8 seconds behind schedule, long enough to hamper a strategy.

This is essential basically because you can’t react faster than the bookmaker. So, watching the event truly live and being predictive will help a lot to make the trading tactic work and to make a profit in general.

Live betting can be a good way to cover a bad pre-event game. For example, in a Barcelona-Real Madrid, we previously opted for Barcelona and we see that the match begins with a wide dominion of Madrid. It is a good opportunity to take advantage of the live with a bet that allows you to cover the eventual loss of the initial bet.

Returning to the importance of watching the game live, this allows you to bet directly depending on what is happening. In a return leg, you can play a tile that does not end in a tie. And, in turn, goals could well be scored. Similarly, a close game, with shared possession and excessive concentration in midfield should have few goals and a better chance of finishing on equal footing.

Betting houses with good live

While all bookmakers are spending an increasing amount of time and work to improve their live betting service, Bet365 and Bwin are undoubtedly the two alternatives that stand out. Very wide range of bets, very good quality live transmissions, ease of use and access, convenience, organization (calendar) and exclusive chats are the points that place these two betting houses above average, although others like William Hill also have a very good offer in this modality.

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